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Title Static Characteristics of a Moving-Coil-Type Linear Motor in Consideration of Interaction between PM and Armature Field
Authors 장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong) ; 정상섭(Jeong, Sang-Seop) ; 박희창(Park, Hui-Chang) ; 문석준(Mun, Seok-Jun) ; 박찬일(Park, Chan-Il) ; 정태영(Jeong, Tae-Yeong)
Page pp.19-26
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Moving-coil-type linear motor ; NdFeB ; Push/pull effect ; Linearity ; Correctioncoefficient
Abstract A moving-coil-type linear motor, designed and fabricated, is consisted of the NdFeB permanent magnets with high specific energy as the stator, a coil-wrapped nonmagnetic hollow rectangular structure and an iron core as a pathway for magnetic flux. The interaction between permanent magmet and armature fie1d, so called "push/pull effect", is to shift the airgap flux density variation due to the magnet alone by a certain amount. Thrust therefore is shift downward or upward. The push/pull effect was presented through the FEM analysis and the static tests. We compared the thrust obtained through the FEM analysis with the static tests. Finally, we present the linearity and correction coefficients of the thrust in consideration of the push/pull effects.l effects.