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Title A Study on Novel Excitation Method to Reduce Acoustic Noise in SRM Drive
Authors 문재원(Mun, Jae-Won) ; 오석규(O, Seok-Gyu) ; 안진우(An, Jin-U) ; 황영문(Hwang, Yeong-Mun)
Page pp.287-293
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Two phase excitation ; Self inductance ; Mutual inductance ; Acoustic noise ; Energy conversion ratio
Abstract A new excitation method of switched reluctance motor drive is described in this paper. This excitation method produces reluctance torque by mutual action between two phases as well as conventional self reluctance torque due to two phase excitation at a time. In other words, the change of self inductance and mutual inductance are used to produce torque. This paper suggests the operational principle, the mechanism of torque product of switched reluctance motor with two phase excitation. The acoustic noise characteristics of two phase excitation method are described against that of conventional excitation method. The energy conversion ratio is increased because the next phase is excited following one phase excited at the two phase excitation method. Acoustic noise is lower than that of conventional SRM because one of the next two phase is excited already when torque develope.