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Title Calculation of Coupling Loss in a HTS Tape by using Analytic Method and Numerical Method
Authors 심정욱(Sim, Jeong-Uk) ; 이희준(Lee, Hui-Jun) ; 차귀수(Cha, Gwi-Su) ; 이지광(Lee, Ji-Gwang) ; 한송엽(Han, Song-Yeop)
Page pp.309-315
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords HTS Tape ; coupling loss ; transverse magentic field ; longitudinal magnetic field
Abstract Coupling loss is generated by the time-varying external magnetic field in the normal matrix of the multi-filamentary HTS tape. This paper calculates the coupling loss in the HTS tape. Analytic calculation of the coupling loss cannot consider the effect of the different shapes and the arrangement of the filaments. Numerical calculation by using finite element method and analytic calculation of the coupling loss have been done in this paper and results of two calculations have been compared. Transverse magnetic field and longitudinal magnetic field were considered as the external field.