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Title Manufacturing Prototype and Characteristics Analysis of Disk type Single Phase SRM by 3D Finite Element Method
Authors 이종한(Lee, Jong-Han) ; 오영웅(O, Yeong-Ung) ; 임수생(Im, Su-Saeng) ; 이은웅(Lee, Eun-Ung)
Page pp.316-321
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords SRM ; disk type single phase switched reluctance motor ; 3 dimension FEM ; AFM ; RFM
Abstract Disk type single phase switched reluctance motor which is a simple robust construction, simple control circuit and low manufacturing cost, has a characteristics of axial and radial flux machines. However, because this DSPSRM has a complicated magnetic circuit, it is difficult to analyze the design characteristics.. In this study, the calculation of design parameter based on the conventional design theory of electric machine and the characteristics analysis by computer simulation was performed. As the DSPSRM has the characteristics of both AFM and RFM, it is difficult to analyze its characteristics by the 2D FEM. 3D FEM was applied in the analysis of energy distribution and approximated calculation of torque characteristics with rotor positions. With analysis results, prototype of DSPSRM is manufactured.