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Title The Fabrication and Characteristic Experiment of a Heater-Trigger type High-Tc Superconducting Power Supply
Authors 윤용수(Yoon, Yong-Soo) ; 김호민(Kim, Ho-Min) ; 추용(Chu, Yong) ; 이창열(Lee, Chang-Yul) ; 고태국(Ko, Tae-Kuk) ; 한태수(Han, Tae-Su)
Page pp.484-489
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords heater trigger type high-Tc superconducting power supply ; YBCO superconducting bulk ; pumping-current
Abstract This paper deals with the design and fabrication of a heater-trigger type high-Tc superconducting power supply system, and characteristics have been analyzed through experiments. The high-Tc superconducting power supply consists of two heater trigger and electric magnet, and YBCO superconducting bulk. In this experiment, 0.6T class magnet and dc 2.3A heater current are used, and the current-pumping characteristics have been analyzed with computer aided sequence control system. Hall sensors are installed on the YBCO bulk and in the center of iron core in order to analyze the effect of the flux-pumping on the system with when magnet flux changes its value. In this experiment, maximum pumping-current has been achieved to about 6.6 amps.