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Title A Study on 30 kVA Super-Conducting Generator Performance using Open Circuit, Short Circuit Characteristics, and Load Tests
Authors 하경덕(Ha, Gyeong-Deok) ; 황돈하(Hwang, Don-Ha) ; 박도영(Park, Do-Yeong) ; 김용주(Kim, Yong-Ju) ; 권영길(Gwon, Yeong-Gil) ; 류강식(Ryu, Gang-Sik)
Page pp.85-92
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 30 kVA Super-Conducting Generator(SCG) ; Open Circuit Characteristics(OCC) ; Short Circuit Characteristics(SCC) ; 2-D FE analysis ; external circuit ; end winding reactance
Abstract 30 kVA rotating-field type Super-Conducting Generator is built and tested with intensive FE(Finite Element) analysis. The generator is driven by VVVF inverter-fed induction motor. Open Circuit Characteristic(OCC) and Short Circuit Characteristic(SCC) are presented in this paper. Also, the test result under the light load(up to 3.6 kW) are given. From the design stage, 2-D FE analysis coupled with the external circuit has been performed. The external circuit includes the end winding resistance and reactance as well as two dampers. When compared with the test data, the FE analysis results show a very good agreement.