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Title Transient Characteristic Analysis of Damper in Superconducting Synchronous Generator by the Compensated 2D Analysis Model
Authors 전연도(Chun, Yon-Do) ; 이형우(Lee, Hyung-Woo) ; 이주(Lee, Ju) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jung-Pyo) ; 권영길(Kwon, Young-Kil) ; 류강식(Ryu, Kang-Sik)
Page pp.93-101
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 2-D transient analysis ; damper ; superconducting synchronous generator ; finite element method
Abstract This paper presents a novel method for the transient of eddy currents in the dampers of a super-conducting synchronous generator(SCG). The method proposes a 2-D corrected model which takes into account the influence of leakage fluxes of the field winding ends by increasing the effective air gap in order to consider the high precision of the analysis for the conventional 2-D model. The electromagnetic fields for the corrected model are analyzed by the time-stepping finite element method, thus the eddy currents in the dampers and electro-motive forces(EMF) in the stator windings are calculated. As the results, it is proved the presented method is comparatively accurate by comparing measured phase EMF values and the simulation ones, where about 6.4% error at the maximum value of EMF is occurred between them.