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Title A Study on the Design of Transverse Flux Linear Motor in Combination with the Magnetic Levitation and Guidance
Authors 강도현(Gang, Do-Hyeon) ; 김문환(Kim, Mun-Hwan)
Page pp.102-109
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Maglev system ; Transrapid ; JR-Maglev ; Transverse flux linear motor ; High power density
Abstract The magnetically levitated system technology is highly expected to contribute the new transportation system of the 21st century with its high velocity operation, better riding comforts, friendliness to environment and saving of maintenance labour. Its development has been completed in low speed and in high speed application. In 2005, the Transrapid with 430 km/h speed will go into operation between Berlin and Hamburg[1]. In the year 2000, the realization of JR-Maglev will be basically evaluated for commercial operation[2]. In korea, maglev test vehicle with magnet for levitation and single sided linear induction motor for propulsion is under test at 1 [km] test track in KIMM.[3,4] Here, a transverse flux linear motor in combination with the levitation and the guidance leads to a considerable high power density and high efficiency simultaneously. The designed and measured performance of transverse flux linear motor for maglev system revealed a great potential of system mass reduction.