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Title Torque Characteristic Comparision of Magnetostatic Wobble Motor with Electrostatic Wobble Motor
Authors 우성봉(U, Seong-Bong) ; 이은웅(Lee, Eun-Ung) ; 오영웅(O, Yeong-Ung) ; 윤서진(Yun, Seo-Jin) ; 최재영(Choe, Jae-Yeong)
Page pp.110-115
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 정자계형 ; 정전형 ; 유한요소법 wobble ; MEMS
Abstract This paper describes the driving principles genometrically and analyzed the generating torque with the structure of magnetostatic wobble motor and electrostatic wobble motor. Then we compare the torque characteristics of magnetostatic wobble motor with those of electrostatic wobble using. F.E.M. Through the results, we investigate how the changes of design affect torque characteristics.