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Title Maximum Torque Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor including iron loss and saturation
Authors 백동기(Baek, Dong-Gi) ; 김민태(Kim, Min-Tae) ; 황영성(Hwang, Yeong-Seong) ; 성세진(Seong, Se-Jin)
Page pp.116-122
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Salient type synchronous reluctance motor ; Saturation and iron loss ; Maximum torque control ; Optimal current angle
Abstract In the high speed range for salient type synchronous reluctance motor, the effect of iron loss can not be negligible. We have investigated the voltage equations including iron loss from the model that is added the equivalent iron loss in the equivalent inductance in series. In this paper, we derive Ld linear approximate equation from saturation range of Ld, Lq vs applied voltage characteristics and obtain equations including saturation and iron loss related to maximum torque control using Ld. The effect of saturation and iron loss is investigated under maximum torque control. And we show that the proposed maximum torque control scheme achieves the desired performances through experimental results.