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Title Current Control of Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers without Phase Current Sensors
Authors 임대식(Im, Dae-Sik) ; 이동춘(Lee, Dong-Chun)
Page pp.123-129
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords current sensorless ; PWM rectifiers ; predictive state observer ; current reconstruction
Abstract This paper proposes a novel current control method of three-phase PWM rectifiers using estimated currents without phase current sensors. The phase currents are reconstructed from switching states of the rectifier and the measured dc output currents. To eliminate the calculation time delay effect of the microprosessor, the current at the next sampling instant are predicted by a predictive state observer and then are used for feedback control. Experimental results show that the control performance of the proposed system is almost the same as that of the phase current sensor-based system.