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Title Simplified 3D Finite Element Analysis of Linear Inductor Motor for Integrated Magnetic Suspension/Propulsion Applications
Authors 정상섭(Jeong, Sang-Sub) ; 장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong)
Page pp.371-379
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LHSM ; linear inductor motor ; simplified 3D FEA ; equivalent reluctance ; equivalent permanent magnet
Abstract The 4-pole linear homopolar synchronous motor (LHSM), so called linear inductor motor, is composed of the figure-of-eight shaped 3-phase armature windings, DC field windings, and the segmented secondary with the transverse bar track. To reduce the calculation time, the simplified 3D finite element model with equivalent reluctance and/or permanent magnet is presented. To obtain a clear understanding, propriety and usefulness of the developed model, we compare with the results of simplified 3D FEA, general 3D FEA and test. Consequently, the results of simplified and 3D FEM analysis are nearly identical, but much larger than that of static test at d-axis armature excitation. Therefore the improved FEA model, such as full model with half slot, is needed for the precise analysis.