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Title The Modelling and Characteristic Analysis of Brushless Synchronous Motor with Sinusoidal back EMF
Authors 김일남(Kim, Il-Nam) ; 백수현(Baek, Su-Hyeon) ; 김철진(Kim, Cheol-Jin) ; 맹인재(Maeng, In-Jae) ; 윤신용(Yun, Sin-Yong)
Page pp.380-386
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Modeling of Brushless Synchronous Motor ; d-q Axis transformation ; Sinusoidal Back EFM ; Equivalent Circuit Modelling
Abstract This paper presents the mathematical modelling analysis of Brushless Synchronous Motor(BLSM). The dynamic and the steady state characteristics of BLSM are simulated and analyzed : electromagnetic torque, speed, line voltage, and current. We used mathematical modelling to model of BLSM with sinusoidal back EMF, namely the shaft transformation referencing rotor frame from a, b, c three to produce constant torque like synchronous motor. The experiment result has already similar to compare with simulation result : torque error about 7%, speed error about 5%. The validity of proposed modelling and analysis was confirmed by the experimental result.