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Title An Analysis of Cold Gas Flow-Field for UHV Class Interrupters
Authors 송기동(Song, Gi-Dong) ; 박경엽(Park, Gyeong-Yeop) ; 송원표(Song, Won-Pyo)
Page pp.387-394
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 소전류 차단성능 ; 냉가스 몇 열가스의 거동 ; 개극동작 ; 가동부 노즐 및 접점 GCB(Gas Circuit Breaker)
Abstract This paper presents a method of cold gas flow-field analysis within puffer type GCB(Gas Circuit Breaker). Using this method, the entire interruption process including opening operation of GCB can be simulated successfully. In particular, the distortion problem of the grid due to the movement of moving parts can be dealt with by the fixed grid technique. The gas parameters such as temperature, pressure, density, velocity through the entire interruption process can be calculated and visualized. It was confirmed that the time variation of pressure which was calculated from the application of the method to a model GCB agreed with the experimental one. Therefore it is possible to evaluate the small current interruption capability analytically and to design the interrupter which has excellent interruption capability using the proposed method. It is expected that the proposed method can reduce the time and cost for development of GCB very much. It also will be possible to develop the hot-gas flow-field analysis program by combining the cold-gas flow field program with the arc model and to evaluate the large current interruption capability.