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Title A Motor/Generator for Flywheel Energy Storage System Levitated by Bulk Superconductor
Authors 고창섭(Go, Chang-Seop) ; 연제욱(Yeon, Je-Uk) ; 최재호(Choe, Jae-Ho) ; 정환명(Jeong, Hwan-Myeong) ; 홍계원(Hong, Gye-Won) ; 이호진(Lee, Ho-Jin)
Page pp.411-420
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Energy storage system ; Halbach array ; Flywheel ; Magnetic Surface Change Method ; Hysteresis current control
Abstract The energy storage systems are being widely researched for the high quality of the electric power. The FES(flywheel energy system) is especially, on the center of the research because it does not make any pollution and its life is long. The FES converts the electrical energy into the mechanical kinetic energy of the flywheel and reconverts the mechanical energy into the electrical energy. In order to store as much energy as possible, the flywheel is supposed to be rotated with very high speed. The motor/generator of the FES should be high efficient at high speed, and generate constant torque with respect to the rotation. In this paper, a motor/generator employing a Halbach array of permanent magnets is designed and constructed to meet the requirements, and its characteristics are examined. The magnetic field is analysed by using the magnetic surface charge method. The armature winding is designed for the harmonic components to be minimized by using the FFT. The sinusoidal current for the motor driving are generated by the hysteresis current controller. A sample superconducting flywheel energy storage system is constructed with a duralumin flywheel which has a maximum rotating speed of 40,000[rpm] and a stored energy of 240[Wh] and its validity is examined through the experiment.