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Title Dynamic Performance of HVDC According to Excitation System Characteristics of Synchronous Compensator in a Weak AC System
Authors 김찬기(Kim, Chan-Gi) ; 김정부(Kim, Jeong-Bu) ; 심응보(Sim, Eung-Bo)
Page pp.431-440
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords HVDC ; Synchronous Compensator(S.C.) ; Excitation System ; EMTDC
Abstract This paper analyses the dynamic performance of HVDC System connected to a weak AC system for various exciter characteristics of synchronous machines connected at the converter bus. Conventionally capacitors are used to supply reactive power requirement at a strong converter bus. But the installation of synchronous machine is essential in a isolated weak network to re-start after a shutdown of HVDC and to increase system strength. The dynamic performance of a synchronous machine depends on the characteristics depends of its exciter. In this paper, several exciter types are used to investigate their effect on the dynamic performance of the HVDC system and modifications to standard exciter topologies are suggested to mitigate observed problems.