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Title Analysis and Design of Single-stage Electronic Ballast for a Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Authors 김종길(Kim, Jong-Gil) ; 손영대(Son, Yeong-Dae)
Page pp.441-449
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Single-stage electronic ballast ; Compact fluorescent lamp ; ZVS
Abstract Analysis, design and practical implementation of a single-stage electronic ballast for compact fluorecent lamps are presented in this paper. The proposed topology is based on a single-stage ballast which combines a boost converter and a half-bridge series resonant inverter. High power factor is achieved by using the boost semi-stage operating in discontinuous conduction mode, and inverter semi-stage operated above resonant frequency to provide zero voltage switching is employed to ballast the fluorescent lamp. Analytical and experimental results from the ballast system with 36W fluorescent lamps have demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed single-stage electronic ballast.