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Title The Robust Discrete Variable Structure Controller for the Voltage Controlled Active Power Filter
Authors 김병진(Kim, Byeong-Jin) ; 전희종(Jeon, Hui-Jong) ; 정헌상(Jeong, Heon-Sang)
Page pp.563-567
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Voltage Controlled Active Power Filter ; DVSC
Abstract ln this paper, the designed DVSC(Discrete Variable Structure Controller) is applied to the robust control of voltage controlled APF(Active Power Filter). The voltage controlled APF has good characteristics of reducing harmonic current and harmonic voltage simultaneously. However, voltage controlled APF with large capacitor has slow dynamic response. For improving the dynamics and robustness against to disturbances, DVSC is adopted. According to the results of experiment and simulation, it is proved that the proposed system has the performance of improving dynamic response and robustness.