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Title A Study on Characteristic Analysis of Current Fed High Frequency Resonant Inverter for Wax-Sealing
Authors 김동희(Kim, Dong-Hui) ; 원재선(Won, Jae-Seon)
Page pp.568-574
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Wax-Sealing ; Current fed ; ZVS ; Normalized parameter ; Circuit design
Abstract This paper describes a current fed high frequency resonant inverter can be used as the power supply for wax-sealing. This circuit configuration is composed of conventional two unit inverter of single ended current find type in parallel. The proposed inverter can realize ZVS operation by using resonant capacitor to ZVS capacitor and has merits not only reduction of switch current distribution but also extension of load range in comparison with the conventional single-ended current fed high frequency resonant inverter. This analysis of proposed circuit uses normalized parameter and characteristic estimation which is needed in each step before design is generally described according to normalized frequency(μ), normalized resistance(λ) and parameters. On the basis of characteristic values, a method of the circuit design is presented. Also, the theoretical analysis is proved through experiment and this proposed circuit shows that it can be practically used as the power supply system for wax-sealing and DC-DC converter.