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Title Design of Air Gap for Reducing Torque Ripple in a Single-Phase BLDC Motor
Authors 양병렬(Yang, Byeong-Ryeol) ; 권병일(Gwon, Byeong-Il) ; 박승찬(Park, Seung-Chan)
Page pp.49-54
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords cogging torque ; dead point ; finite element analysis ; Single-phase brushless DC motor ; unequal air gap.
Abstract Most single-Phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors have unequal air gap to eliminate the dead-point where the developed torque value is zero. However this partial increase of the air gap deteriorates the motor characteristics in cogging torque. Thus in this paper a new topology of unequal air gap is proposed to solve this problem. The topology is to use some pairs of equal or unequal air gaps. As a result, it is proved by the finite element analysis and experimental results that the single-Phase BLDC motor with the proposed air gap topology is very effective in reducing the cogging torque.