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Title Rotor Time Constant Compensation for Vector-Controlled Induction Motor with DC Current Injection Method
Authors 이경주(Lee, Gyeong-Ju) ; 이득기(Lee, Deuk-Gi) ; 정종진(Jeong, Jong-Jin) ; 최종우(Choe, Jong-U) ; 김흥근(Kim, Heung-Geun) ; 노의철(No, Ui-Cheol) ; 전태원(Jeon, Tae-Won)
Page pp.69-76
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Induction Motor ; Vector Control ; Rotor Flux ; Rotor Time Constant Compensation
Abstract To obtain a high performance in a vector controlled induction motor, it is essential to know the instantaneous position of the rotor flux which depends on the rotor time constant. But the rotor time constant mainly varies due to the temperature rise in the motor winding, so real time compensating algorithm is necessary. This paper proposes that it uses short duration pulses added to the constant flux command current and then resultant torque command current produced by speed controller is utilized for the rotor resistance estimation. This method has advantage with a low computational requirement and does not require voltage sensors. The proposed method is proved by simulations and experimentals.