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Title Development of Simulator for High-Speed Elevator System
Authors 류형민(Ryu, Hyeong-Min) ; 김성준(Kim, Seong-Jun) ; 설승기(Seol, Seung-Gi) ; 권태석(Gwon, Tae-Seok) ; 김기수(Kim, Gi-Su) ; 심영석(Sim, Yeong-Seok) ; 석기룡(Seok, Gi-Ryong)
Page pp.77-82
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Elevator ; Electrical Inertia ; Dynamic Load Simulator ; 3-Mass System
Abstract This Paper describes the dynamic load simulator for high-speed elevator system, which can emulate 3-mass system as well as equivalent 1-mass system. In order to implement the equivalent inertia of entire elevator system the conventional simulators have generally utilized the mechanical inertia(flywheel) with large radius, which makes the entire system large and heavy. In addition, the mechanical inertia should be replaced each time in order to est another elevator system. In this paper, the dynamic load simulation methods using electrical inertia are Presented so hat the volume and weight of simulator system are greatly reduced and the adjustment of inertia value can be achieved easily by software. Experimental results show the feasibility of this simulator system.