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Title Development of a Large Capacity Hybrid-Type Linear Motor Damper for the vibration Control of Building Structures
Authors 정상섭(Jeong, Sang-Seop) ; 장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong) ; 이성호(Lee, Seong-Ho) ; 윤인기(Yun, In-Gi)
Page pp.601-611
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords vibration control ; hybrid mass damper(HMD) ; linear motor damper(LMD)
Abstract As resent trends in structural construction have been to build taller and larger structures than any time in the past, they have had high flexibility and low damping that can cause large vibration response under severe environmental loading such as earthquakes, winds, and mechanical excitations. The damper with mass and sqring is one aproach to safeguarding the structure against excessive vibrations. In this paper, a large capacity hybrid-type linear motor damper(LMD) was designed and fabricated for the application to the vibration control of a large building structure model. It has been designed to be able to move the damper mass, 1,500 kg up to pm250mm strokes at the first mode natural frequency of the building structure model, pm0.51Hz. Linear motor is consisted of the fixed coil and the movable NdFeB permanent magnets field part. The PM field part composed magnet modules and iron yoke, is the damper mass itself, 1500kg. LMD therefore has a simplified structure and requires a few elements in the driving system, being compared with a rotary motor damper and a hydraulic damper. However, the manufacture of large PM linear actuator is difficult because of the limit of PM size and the attraction and repulsion at the assembly of PM. Therefore, large damper system is manufactured and tested for dynamic characteristics and frequency response.