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Title Characteristic Analysis of Disk Type Single-phase Switched Reluctance Motor with Pole Shoe in Stator
Authors 이민명(Lee, Min-Myung)
Page pp.612-615
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords DSPSRM ; 3D FEM ; pole arc and pole arc ratio
Abstract The main advantages of Disk type Single-Phase Switched Reluctance Motor (DSPSRM) is the simple construction, rugged structure, low manufacturing cost and simple driving circuit. It is especially possible to make the short axial length of DSPSRM. Therefore, it is suitable to setup this motor in a narrow space. This paper presents the shape design to maximize the average torque of DSPSRM that is achieved by 3D Finite Element Method (3D FEM) considering the nonlinear of magnetic material. The characteristics of two different rotor shapes are compared. The design parameters, such as the rotor and stator pole arc, are selected to the parametric study. The effect of pole arc ratios on the torque performance is investigated. From these results, the optimal pole arc to produce the maximum torque is determined.