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Title Study on Prediction Method for ELF Transient Magnetic Field from Home Appliances
Authors 주문노(Ju, Mun-No) ; 양광호(Yang, Kwang-Ho) ; 명성호(Myung, Sung-Ho) ; 민석원(Min, Suk-Won)
Page pp.616-621
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Electric Appliance ; Harmonic ; Transient Magnetic Field ; Dipole Moment Vector and Biological Interaction
Abstract With biological effects by ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic field generated from power system, the transient magnetic field from electric appliances is a major issue presently. Because the transient magnetic field induces higher current than the power frequency field inside living bodies, transient magnetic field exposure has been much focused. In this paper, it is shown that transient magnetic field from electric home appliances can be characterized as magnetic dipole moment. In this method, the dipole moment vector is assumed by allowing an uncertainty of 6dB in the estimated field. A parameter M that represents biological interaction was applied also. The proposed method was applied to 7 types of appliances (hair drier, heater, VDT, etc.) and their equivalent magnetic dipole moment and harmonic components were estimated. As the results, the useful data for quantifying magnetic field distribution around electric appliances were obtained.