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Title Study on the High and High Voltage 35 kW, 50 kV Inverter Power Supply
Authors 손윤규(Son, Yoon-Gyu) ; 장성덕(Jang, Sung-Duck) ; 오종석(Oh, Jong-Seok) ; 조무현(Cho, Moo-Hyun)
Page pp.628-634
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Capacitor-charging power supply ; High frequency ; High voltage
Abstract A capacitor-charging power supply using high frequency inverter technology is strongly recommended for the charging section of the pulsed power supplies. A high frequency inverter swiching makes the overall system size small. The command-charging feature can guarantee the higher reliability of switching function. The protection circuit can be easily included in the system and the good regulation of charging voltage can be acieved by the feedback system. Several modules can be stacked to supply required output power and a failed module can be easily replaced. A 50-kV, 35-kW capacitor charging power supply is developed. In this paper the detailed design and test results of a prototype unit are presented.