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Title A Study on the High-Power Factor, High-Efficiency AC/DC Boost Converter with Non-Dissipative Snubber
Authors 배진용(Bae, Jin-Yong) ; 김용(Kim, Yong) ; 권순도(Kwon, Soon-Do) ; 이은영(Lee, Eun-Young) ; 강재호(Kang, Jae-Ho) ; 계상범(Kye, Sang-Bum)
Page pp.652-658
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Non-Dissipative Snubber ; AC/DC Boost Converter ; High-Power Factor ; High-Effidiency
Abstract Previous AC/DC PFC Boost Converter perceives feed forward signal of input and feedback signal of output for average current-mode control. Previous Boost Converter, the quantity of input current will be decreased by the decrease of output current in light load, and also power factor comes to be decreased. Also the efficiency of converter will be decreased by the decrease of power factor. The proposed converter presents the good PFC(Power Factor Correction), low line current hormonic distortions and tight output voltage regulations using non-dissipative snubber. The proposed converter also has a high efficiency by non-dissipative snubber circuit. To show the superiority of this converter is verfied through the experiment with a 640W, 100kHz prototype converter.