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Title Comparison and Analysis of Linear Oscillatory Actuator According to Mover Type
Authors 장석명 ; 최장영 ; 정상섭 ; 이성호 ; 조한욱
Page pp.213-223
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords moving-coil type LOA ; moving-magnet type LOA ; magnetic field ; flux linkage ; motor thrust and back emf
Abstract In the machine tool industry, direct drive linear motor technology is of increasing interest as a means to achieve high acceleration, and to increase reliability. The advantages of such a motor are that it has a good linearity and has no need of such mechanical energy conversion parts, which change rotary motion into linear motion, as screws, gears, chains etc In this paper, two structures of LOA are analyzed. One is the moving-coil type LOA and the other is moving-magnet type LOA. Two types of LOA are analyzed, with reference to the following parameters as variables: magnetic field, flux linkage, motor thrust and back emf. These variables are derived by the use of analytical method in terms of two-dimensional rectangular coordinate system. The maximum values of thrust according to such design parameters as air-gap length and magnet height for each model is also represented. The results are validated extensively by comparison with finite element method. In particular, we experiment moving-coil LOA which is already manufactured and confirm that the experimental results are shown in good agreement with analysis through the comparison of between analytical and experimental results