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Title Permanent Magnet Overhang Effect on the Characteristics in Brushless DC Motor
Authors 전연도 ; 약미진치 ; 이주
Page pp.229-236
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Permanent Magnet ; Overhang Structure ; Brushless DC motor ; 3D Equivalent Magnetic Circuit Network Method
Abstract In this paper, the effect of permanent magnet overhang structure on the characteristics in Brushless DC motor has analyzed quantitatively. We classified the overhang structure as symmetric and asymmetric. 3D equivalent magnetic circuit network (EMCN) method which uses the permeance as the distributive variable is used for the efficient analysis of magnetic field. The overhang effect which increases the linkage flux at the stator is verified by comparison between overhang and no overhang structure. In addition, it is known that no load back electro motive force (EMF) is also increased due to the overhang effect. In case of asymmetric overhang structure, the ratio effect of the upper to lower overhang length on the magnetic forces is analyzed. Form the analysis results, the variation of the asymmetric overhang ratio has a significant effect on the axial magnetic force except the radial and tangential magnetic forces. The validity of the analysis results is also clarified by comparison between calculated results and measured ones such as back EMF and cogging torque.