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Title Analysis of the Driving Characteristics in the Magnetic Fluid Linear Pump by Operating Current
Authors 서강(Seo, Kang) ; 박관수(Park, Gwan-Soo)
Page pp.237-246
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Finite element analysis ; Fluid surface ; Magnetic fluid ; Magnetic fluid linear Pump ; Magneto-hydrodynamics
Abstract The advantages of the Magnetic Fluid Linear Pump(MFLP) is that this device could Pump the non-conductive. non-magnetic liquid such as Insulin or blood because of the segregation structure of the magnetic fluid and pumping liquid. In this device. the sequential currents are needed to Produce pumping forces so that Pumping Forces and Pumping speed mainly depend on the current Patterns. The excessive forces at Pumping moment could cause the medical shock, and weak forces at intermediate moment could cause the back flow or the pumping liquid. So the ripples of the pumping forces need to be reduced for the medical application. In this research, the driving characteristics in the MFLP by operating current is analysed. The change of magnetic fluid surface according to the driving currents could be obtained be magneto-hydrodynamic analysis so that Pumping fortes could be computed by integration of the surface moving to the pumping direction at each moment. The actual MFLP with 13mm diameter was made and tested for experiments. The effects of driving current and frequency on the pumping forces and pumping speed were analyzed and compared with experimental measurements