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Title Wireless Parallel Operation of High Voltage DC Pourer Supply using Steady-state Estimation
Authors 백주원 ; 유동욱 ; 손호섭 ; 김장목
Page pp.255-261
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Parallel operation ; wireless ; droop ; steady state estimation ; DC power supply
Abstract This paper presents an improved droop method which minimizes the voltage droop of a parallel-connected power supply Conventionally, the droop method has been used to achieve a simple structure and no-interconnections among power sources. However, it has a trade-off between output voltage regulation and load sharing accuracy In this paper, the droop is minimized with a current and droop gain control using steady-stage estimation. The proposed method can achieve both good voltage regulation and good load sharing. A design example of two 10㎸, 100㎃ parallel modules is made and tested to verify the proposed current-sharing method.