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Title Novel RPWM Techniques for Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive
Authors 권수범 ; 김남준
Page pp.262-268
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Random Pulse Position PWM ; Space Vector PWM ; Reduction of Harmonic Magnitude ; High-Speed Motor Drive
Abstract This thesis is proposing novel RPWM (Random PWM) techniques that can locate PWM pulse to do random. RPWM techniques to propose locates SVPWM (Space Vector PWM) pulse by number of each random and principle to locate of pulse applies different random function and locate pulse. For propriety verification of proposed techniques, achieve an simulation and experiment that use MATLAB/SIMULINK about proposed RPWM techniques algorithm and IGBT inverter composition that use DSP(TMS320C31). Specially, analyze harmonic spectra of inverter output current when the induction motor speed is more than 10,000 rpm, confirm that RPWM's effect in high speed degree appears. Proposed RPWM techniques propriety prove from reduction effect of harmonic magnitude that corresponds to an integer times of switching frequency.