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Title A Study on the Optimal Voltage for MPPT Obtained by only Surface's Temperature of Solar Cell
Authors Minwon Park(Minwon Park) ; In-Keun Yi(In-Keun Yi)
Page pp.269-275
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords MPPT ; Photovoltaic power generation system ; Solar cell ; Optimal voltage
Abstract Photovoltaic(PV) system has been studied and watched with keen interest due to a clean and renewable power source. But, the output power of PV system is not only unstable but uncontrollable, because the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of PV system is still hard with the tracking failure under the sudden fluctuation of irradiance. Authors suggest that the optimal voltage for MPPT be obtained by only solar cell temperature. Having an eye on that the optimal voltage point of solar cell is in proportion to its panel temperature, with operating the power converter whose operating point keeps its input voltage to the optimal voltage imagined by the surface's temperature of PV panel, the maximum power point becomes tenderly possible to be tracked. In order to confirm the availability of the proposed control scheme. And both control methods are simulated not only on the various angle of sampling time of switching control, but also with the real field weather condition. As the results of that, the conversion efficiency between PV panel and converter of the proposed control scheme was much better than that of the power comparison MPPT control, and what is better, the output voltage of PV panel was extremely in stable when the optimal voltage for MPPT is obtained by only solar cell temperature.