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Title Double-Excitation Type Single Sheet Tester for the Measurement of the Magnetic Characteristics of the Electrical Steel Sheets
Authors 김홍정(Kim, Hong Jung) ; 고창섭(Koh, Chang Seop) ; 홍선기(Hong, Sun-Ki) ; 신판석(Shin, Pan Seok)
Page pp.461-469
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Electrical Steel Sheet ; Single Sheet Tester ; Double-Excitation ; Alternating Magnetic Fields ; Iron Loss
Abstract In this paper, a double-excitation type single sheet tester is developed to measure the magnetic characteristics of the electrical steel sheets. The developed system has the uniform magnetic field area of 20×20mm^{2}, and can be applied to the measurement of the magnetic characteristics of the Non-oriented and Grain oriented electrical steel sheets. In the developed system, the magnetic flux density and magnetic field intensity are measured by using B-coil and H-coil, respectively. The B-coil has 1 turn search coil for each direction, and H-coil has 640 and 640 turns for rolling direction and transverse direction on the Im thickness Glass-Epoxy basement, respectively. Through experiments, it Is shown that the system can measure the magnetic characteristics up to 1.87 of magnetic flux density in the rolling direction in case of the Grain oriented electrical steel sheet. The measured results are compared with those measured in Okayama university, .Japan.