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Title Effects of Coulomb Gauge Condition and Current Continuity Condition on 3-Dimensional FE Analysis for Eddy Current Problems
Authors 이향범(Lee, Hyang-Beom)
Page pp.483-491
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Coulomb Gauge Condition ; Current Continuity Condition ; Eddy Current ; FEM ; Finite Element Analysis ; Modified Magnetic Vector Potential
Abstract To solve the 3D eddy current problems by using FE(finite element) method with MVP(magnetic vector potential) and electric scalar potential, Coulomb gauge condition and current continuity condition have to be considered. Coulomb gauge condition enforced on existing FE formulations to insure the uniqueness of MVP looks unnatural and current continuity condition which can be driven from Ampere's law looks unnecessary. So in this paper the effect of two conditions on FE formulations are investigated in order to help to obtain accurate numerical simulation results.