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Title Maximum Output Power Control of Wind Generation System Using Fuzzy Control
Authors 아보칼릴 아메드(Abo-Khalil, Ahmed. G.) ; 김영신(Kim, Young-Sin) ; 이동춘(Lee, Dong-Choon)
Page pp.497-504
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Wind Turbine ; Maximum Output Power ; Fuzzy Control ; Cage-Type Induction Generator
Abstract For maximum output power, wind turbines are usually controlled at the speed which is determined by the optimal tip-speed ratio. This method requires information of wind speed and the power conversion coefficient which is varied by the pitch angle control. In this paper, a new maximum output power control algorithm using fuzzy logic control is proposed, which doesn't need this information. Instead, fuzzy controllers use information of the generator speed and the output power. By fuzzy rules, the fuzzy controller produces a new generator reference speed which gives the maximum output power of the generator for variable wind speeds. The proposed algorithm has been implemented for the 3[kW] cage-type induction generator system at laboratory, of which results verified the effectiveness of the algorithm.