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Title PD Localization by Metal Sheath Interruption Methods for Power Cable and Accessories
Authors 이창영(Lee, Chang-Yeong) ; 신두성(Sin, Du-Seong) ; 김충식(Kim, Chung-Sik) ; 김동욱(Kim, Dong-Uk) ; 박완기(Park, Wan-Gi)
Page pp.196-201
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Partial Discharge ; EHV Cable ; Accessory ; Sheath interruption ; Localization
Abstract It is very important not only to detect PD signal but also to locate PD source in power cable line including its accessories. In this paper, the PID localization technique using interruption of metal sheath of cable or accessory is described. By interruption of metal sheath, the polarity of PD pulse to be measured on each part can be compared. With this technique, the exact location of PD in the accessory which has some defects can be found. Although the 'Soft' interruption method, that is, cable sheath is divided by semi-conductive layer with the resistance of higher than 1 kΩ, was used instead of 'Hard' interruption method, it is also possible to detect exact location of PD. This technique is considered to be very effective for detecting PD localization in the type test of cable and accessories.