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Title A Novel Sensitivity Verification Method for the UHF Partial Discharge Detection System in Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
Authors 구선근(Gu, Seon-Geun) ; 박기준(Park, Gi-Jun) ; 윤진열(Yun, Jin-Yeol)
Page pp.450-455
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords UHF ; Partial discharge ; GAS ; network analyzer
Abstract We proposed a new sensitivity verification method for the UHF partial discharge(PD) detection system. Initially, we measure the UHF power induced by 5 pC PD which takes place near UHF sensor. Subsequently, we inject the swept UHF signal from a network analyzer into the GIS and measure the attenuation of the signal along the 71S Both the UHF power by 5 pC PD and the attenuation make it possible to verify the sensitivity and spatial coverage of the PD detection system. This method doesn `t require the calibration of injected pulse type UHF signal into the GIS and makes us precisely measure the attenuation in frequency domain.