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Title High Efficient Metal-oxide Removing Characteristics as Pulse Repetition Rates in the Atmospheric Arc Discharge
Authors 이윤수 ; 송우정 ; 김수원 ; 정종한 ; 김용철 ; 김희제
Page pp.179-184
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Metal-oxide ; Arc discharge ; Pulse power ; Firing voltage ; Positive¡¤Negative polarity ; MOSFET
Abstract The pulsed power system is widely used for many industries and environments. Generally, we call the "RUST", the reddish brown surface, that was made on iron surface or some other metals, when they are contacted by water and air the main substance of rust is oxide-ionization. In other words, the chemical symbol of rust on iron surface is iron oxide(III) hydrate Fe203.nH2O. In this study, we have designed and fabricated our system which has a compact pulse generator with switching MOSFET. Also we have studied the metal-oxide removing characteristics using in the atmospheric arc discharge. It has been investigated their removing characteristics by the change of charging voltage and pulse repetition rates. From this result, we can find out that the removal area Is increased from 3.80 to 8.04[ textrm cm^2], when pulse duration is increased from 100[pps] to 400[pps]. 400[pps].