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Title A Study on the AlN Thin Film on A1_2O_3 Substrate Prepared by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering System for SAW Device Application
Authors 고봉철 ; 손진운 ; 김경석 ; 엄무수 ; 남창우 ; 이규철
Page pp.288-292
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) ; IDT(Interdigital Transducer) ; AlN thin film ; center frequency
Abstract AlM thin film has been deposited on A1_2O_3 substrate by reactive radio frequency(RF) magnetron sputtering method under various operating conditions such as working pressure, fraction of nitrogen partial pressure, and substrate temperature. Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM), X-ray Diffraction(XRD), and Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) have been measured to find out structural properties and preferred orientation of AlN thin films. SAW velocity of IDTs/AlN/Si structure was about 5038[㎧] at the center frequency of 251.9[MHz] and insertion loss was measured to be relatively low value of 35.6[dB]. SAW velocity of IDTs/AlN/A1_2O_3 structure was improved to be about 5960[㎧] at the center frequency of 296.7[MHz].