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Title A Study on the pH-, pNa- and pK-Sensing Properties of K and Al Coimplanted SiO_2 Thin Films
Authors 김병수 ; 신백균 ; 이붕주 ; 이덕출
Page pp.293-297
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Silicon dioxide ; LPCVD ; ion implantation ; ion sensitivity ; ISFET
Abstract Silicon dioxide (SiO_2) layers were fabricated on Si_3N_4/SiO_2/Si layer structures by low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD). Potassium and aluminum were then coimplanted by implanting potassium ions with the energy of 100 [keY] and dose of 5x10^{16} [cm ̄^2] and 1x10^{17} [cm ̄^2] into an aluminum buffer layer on the SiO_2Si_3N4/SiO_2/Si structure. The pH, pNa, and pK ion sensitivities of the resulting layers were investigated and compared to those of as-deposited silicon dioxide layer. The pK-sensitivity of the silicon dioxide was enhanced by the K and Al coimplantation. On the contrary, the pH and pNa-sensitivities of the coimplanted silicon dioxides were quite lower than that of the as-deposited silicon dioxide.