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Title The Simulation of Electric Field Distribution for Globular Dielectric in the Atmosphere
Authors 이동훈 ; 박재윤 ; 박홍재 ; 고희석
Page pp.305-309
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Ozone ; Silent Discharge ; Ceramic ; Dielectric
Abstract This paper was shown the simulation of electric field distribution of globular dielectric for design of ideal packed-bed plasma reactor. When discharge gap between the electrodes and input voltage are each 20[mm]. 10000[V] in the atmosphere, the results of simulation to the electric field was measured stronger at globular dielectric of φ5[mm] than 1φ[mm] and 3.33φ[mm]. And the maximum electric field or globular dielectric with φ10[mm] was increased about 5[%] to maximum electric field of globular dielectric with φ5[mm] in the atmosphere. when dielectric constant of globular dielectric is 100, it was simulated about 90[%] of maximum electric field of globular dielectric over 1000 dielectric constant. Ana the highest electric field appeared as globular electric was parallel structure with the other globular dielectric side by side of the globular dielectric and connected to electrodes.