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Title Measurement and Characterization of Three Dimensional Luminous Flux
Authors 최종운 ; 유문종
Page pp.314-318
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 광선속 ; 광도측정 ; 표준전구 ; 가상구면 ;
Abstract This paper describes the construction, measurement, and characterization of an instrument for the distribution of luminous flux. This is done by measuring the flux around a light source while a detector and a source is rotating, and integrating it over an entire imaginary surface surrounding the source. We make a gonio radiometer to realize the scales of total luminous flux and geometrically integrate to get total spectral flux from standards of irradiance and illuminance. The uncertainties of a total flux in the gonioradiometry are 1.3%, and 0.4% below the standard lamps of NIST and NIM for each other.