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Title Reliability Characteristics of Class-E Power Amplifier with load Inductor
Authors 최진호(Choi Jin-Ho)
Page pp.68-71
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 전력증폭기 ; 신뢰성 Class E ; RF Choke ; DC-Feed
Abstract A class-E power amplifier is designed using 0.25μm standard CNMOS technology at 900MHz and the reliability characteristics are studied with the load network. The reliability characteristics is improved when a finite DC-feed inductor is used instead of RF choke. At the one you halt, the PAE(Power Added Efficiency) decreases from 58.0 % to 35.7 % and output power decreases from 120mW to 74mW in power amplifier using RF choke. However, when a finite DC-feed inductor is used with load the PAE decreases from 58.5 % to 54.8 % and output power decreases from 121mW to 112mW. From the simulated results, the class-E power amplifier with a finite DC-feed inductor shows superior reliability characteristics compared to rower amplifier using RF choke inductor.