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Title Novel Process to Improve Defect Problems for Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography
Authors 박형석(Park, Hyung-Seok) ; 신호현(Shin, Ho-Hyun) ; 서상원(Seo, Sang-Won) ; 성만영(Sung, Man-Young)
Page pp.223-230
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Nanoimprint Lithography ; Defect Control ; Free Volume Compensation
Abstract The reliability of imprint patterns molded by stamps for industrial application of nanoimprint lithography (NIL), is an important issue. Usually, defects can be produced by incomplete filling of negative patterns and the shrinkage phenomenon of polymers in conventional NIL. In this paper, the patterns that undergo a varied temperature or varied pressure period during the thermal NIL process have been investigated, with the goal of resolving the shrinkage and defective filling problems of polymers. The effects on the formation of polymer patterns in several profiles of imprint processes are also studied. Consequently, it is observed that more precise patterns are formed by the varied temperature (VT-NIL) or varied pressure (VP-NIL). The NIL (VT-NIL or VP-NIL) process has a free space compensation effect on the polymers in stamp cavities. From the results of the experiments, the polymer's filling capability can be improved. The VT-NIL is merged with the VP-NIL for the better filling property. The patterns that have been imprinted in the merged NIL are compared with the results of conventional NIL. In this study, the improvement in the reliability for results of thermal NIL has been achieved.