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Title Analysis on Current Density Induced Inside Body of Hot-Line Worker for 765kV Double Circuit Transmission Line
Authors 송기현(Song, Ki-Hyun) ; 민석원(Min, Suk-Won)
Page pp.231-238
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 유도전류 ; 전계강도 ; 전류밀도 ;
Abstract This paper analysed the induced current density inside human body of hot-line worker for 765kV double circuit transmission line according to locations of human body. Human model was composed of several organs and other parts, whose shapes were expressed by spheroids or cylinders. Organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver and intestines were taken into account. Applying the 3 dimensional boundary element method, we calculated induced current density in case a worker was located inside and outside a lowest phase of 765 kV transmission line in which a 60% current of maximum load flowed. As results of study, we found a maximum induced current density in all organs was less than 10mA/m^2 when a wonder was outside. As one in brain and heart was higher than 10mA/m^2 when a worker was inside, we propose a method for lowering current density.