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Title The Analysis of the Correlation between the Sustain-Electrode Gap of an AC-PDP and Address Discharge Characteristics
Authors 이영준(Lee, Young-Jun) ; 최수삼(Choi, Su-Sam) ; 박세광(Park, Se-Kwang) ; 김용득(Kim, Yong-Duk)
Page pp.239-244
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 플라즈마 디스플레이 패널 ; 어드레스 방전 특성 ; 유지방전 전극 간격 ; 고속 구동 ;
Abstract To drive the high-image quality plasma displays of XGA and/or full-HD, we must effectively improve the driving waveform, which get the reset period for the stabilized control of wall charges, the address period to select discharge or non-discharge, and sustain period for luminance in 1 TV-frame, and also the display quality. To accomplish them, the development of the technology for the fast address discharge is required. In this paper, the correlation between the sustain-electrode gap and address discharge characteristics for the high-speed addressing was analyzed using the measurements of dynamic voltage margins. Results showed that the narrower the gap between the sustain electrodes, the narrower the with of the scan pulse became and a dynamic margin of data voltage of 29.2 V was obtained at scan pulse width of 1.0μs and V_{ramp} of 240 V for driving 4-inch test penal, which the gap between sustain electrodes was 65μm.