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Title Development of Corona Cage Measurement System for Simulation on Electrical Environmental Characteristics of HVDC Overhead Transmission Line
Authors 길경석(Kil, Gyung-Suk) ; 양광호(Yang, Kwang-Ho) ; 이성두(Lee, Sung-Doo) ; 주문노(Ju, Mun-No)
Page pp.245-249
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Corona Cage ; Space Charge ; Radio Noise ; Corona Current ; Environment ; HVDC Transmission
Abstract Corona characteristics of conductors are dependent on the electric field conditions in the immediate vicinity of the conductors. In case of DC transmission line, particularly, the space charge plays an important role in the electric field distribution. Therefore, DC corona cage simulation is necessary for long-term test in the same conditions. This paper presents the results of designing and constructing hardwares such as DC power supply, measurement system and DAS to carry out the simulation. The corona cage longitudinally is divided into five equal length sections and three inner sections of those are isolated from the ground of outer cage. The measurement items are radio noise, corona current, television noise, audible noise and meteorological conditions. In the next step, various simulations about the type and configuration of two or three candidate conductors will be conducted. And then finally an environmentally-friendly conductor for HVDC overhead transmission line will be decided.