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Title Evaluation Technique of Burden for Current Transformer using Current Transformer Comparator and Precise Shunt Resistor
Authors 이상화(Lee, Sang-Hwa) ; 강전홍(Kang, Jeon-Hong) ; 김명수(Kim, Myung-Soo) ; 정재갑(Jung, Jae-Kap)
Page pp.250-256
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Current Transformer ; Ratio Error ; Phase Angle Error ; Burden Value ; Power Factor ; Current Transformer Comparator ; Shunt Resistor
Abstract Both ratio error and phase angle error in current transformer(CT) depend critically on values of CT burden. Thus, precise measurement of CT burden is very important for the evaluation of CT. A method for the measurement of CT burden has been developed by employing the portable shunt precise resistor with negligible AC-DC resistance difference less than 10^{-5}. The burden value(value and power factor) can be calculated from resistance and reactance obtained by measuring the change of ratio error and phase angle error caused by the change of shunt resistor. The uncertainty for the method is evaluated and found to be abut 2 %.