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Title Optical Microphone Incorporating a Dual-Core Multimode Fiber Block and a Reflective Micromirror
Authors 송주한(Song, Ju-Han) ; 이상신(Lee, Sang-Shin)
Page pp.263-266
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Micromirror ; Diaphragm ; Fiber ; Transducer ; Microphone ; Acousto-Optic Sensor
Abstract An optical microphone was developed using a dual-core multi-mode fiber block and a membrane type micromirror. The fiber block serves as a compact optical head, and the micromirror as a reflective diaphragm. The micromirror is designed to be suspended through a silicon bar connected t a frame, allowing for displacement induced by acoustic waves. The optical head is implemented by integrating two multi-mode fibers in a single block, and used to transfer light signals between it and the diaphragm. For the assembled microphone, its static characteristics were observed to reveal the operating point defined as the optimum distance between the optical head and the diaphragm. And its dynamic response was tested to exhibit a frequency bandwidth of 3 kHz with the variation of sim5dB.